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Noturus baileyi (Smoky madtom)

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The smoky madtom (Noturus baileyi) is a species of catfish. Little information exists about the smoky madtom, along with other members of the Noturus species, due to the high turbidity in which they spawn, preventing observation, as well as their nocturnal behaviors.
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Adult Length [1]  2.756 inches (7 cm)
Brood Dispersal [1]  In a nest
Brood Egg Substrate [1]  Speleophils (rock cavity)
Brood Guarder [1]  Yes
Litter Size [1]  100
Maximum Longevity [1]  4 years
Diet [2]  Carnivore (Invertebrates)
Female Maturity [1]  2 years

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Great Smoky Mountains National Park II 515454 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States
Southern Appalachian Biosphere Reserve 37548505 North Carolina, Tennessee, United States  

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America, North - Inland waters; Nearctic; North America: Citico Creek (Little Tennessee River system) in Monroe County in Tennessee, USA.; Tennessee; USA (contiguous states);

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