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Devario aequipinnatus (Giant danio)

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The giant danio (Devario aequipinnatus) is a tropical fish belonging to the minnow family Cyprinidae. Originating in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the west coast of India, this species grows to a maximum length of 4 inches (10 cm), making it one of the largest of the danionins. It is characterized by a blue and yellow, torpedo-shaped body with gray and clear fins. Giant danios are also used as dither fish in South and Central American cichlid aquariums. The larger cichlids chase and defend their territories against the giant danios, which allows the cichlids to exhibit more natural behavior.
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Ancyrocephalus danionis <Unverified Name>[1]
Dactylogyrus aequipinnati[1]
Plagioporus panchax <Unverified Name>[1]

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Asia - Inland waters; Asia: India and Nepal to Indochina.; Bagmati; Bangladesh; Bhutan; Cambodia; Cauvery; China; Chittar River; Godavari; India; Kosi; Krishna River; Lao People's Dem. Rep.; Manas; Mekong; Myanmar; Nepal; Oriental; Pakistan; Salween; Sarbhang Khola; Sri Lanka; Thailand;

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