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Baccha elongata


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Baccha elongata is a species of hoverfly (or flower fly) in the genus Baccha. The long, very slender body of this hoverfly is unmistakable. Members of the eristaline genus Sphegina are also very slender and can be found in similar habitat but those flies have a rather different enlarged hind femur, whereas in Baccha this feature is slender. As with most hoverfly species the sexes can be told apart by the male's eyes meeting on the top of the head, but separated in the female. One of the smaller hoverflies the wing length is around 4.5 to 8 mm.
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Protected Areas


Prey / Diet

Angelica sylvestris subsp. bernardiae (woodland angelica)[1]
Aphis fabae (Bean aphid)[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap

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Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Epistrophe grossulariae2
Leucozona glaucia2
Leucozona laternaria2
Meliscaeva cinctella2
Parasyrphus annulatus2


Pollinator of 
Angelica sylvestris subsp. bernardiae (woodland angelica)[1]


Alaska to Nova Scotia, s. to California, Ohio, Virginia;

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