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Cinnamomum (cinnamon)

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Cinnamomum is a genus of evergreen aromatic trees and shrubs belonging to the laurel family, Lauraceae. The species of Cinnamomum have aromatic oils in their leaves and bark. The genus contains over 300 species, distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of North America, Central America, South America, Asia, Oceania, and Australasia. The genus includes a great number of economically important trees.
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Cinnamomum agasthyamalayanum
Cinnamomum alexei
Cinnamomum alternifolium
Cinnamomum altissimum
Cinnamomum anacardium
Cinnamomum angustitepalum
Cinnamomum appelianum
Cinnamomum arbusculum
Cinnamomum archboldianum
Cinnamomum arfakense
Cinnamomum asomicum
Cinnamomum assia <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum aubletii
Cinnamomum aureofulvum
Cinnamomum auricolor
Cinnamomum austrosinense
Cinnamomum austroyunnanense
Cinnamomum baileyanum
Cinnamomum balansae (Endangered)
Cinnamomum bamoense
Cinnamomum bejolghota (Attributes)
Cinnamomum bhamoensis
Cinnamomum bhaskarii
Cinnamomum bintulense
Cinnamomum birmanicum
Cinnamomum bishnupadae
Cinnamomum blandfordii
Cinnamomum bodinieri
Cinnamomum bokorense
Cinnamomum bonii
Cinnamomum borneense
Cinnamomum brachythyrsum
Cinnamomum brevifolium
Cinnamomum burmannii (Malaysian cinnamon) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum calciphilum
Cinnamomum calyculatum
Cinnamomum cambodianum
Cinnamomum camphora (camphor tree) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum camphorae <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum cappara-coronde
Cinnamomum caratingae
Cinnamomum carolinense
Cinnamomum caryophyllus
Cinnamomum cassia (cassia) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum caudifolium
Cinnamomum cebuense (Cebu Cinnamon tree)
Cinnamomum celebicum
Cinnamomum ceylanicum <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum ceylonicum <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum champokianum
Cinnamomum chartophyllum
Cinnamomum chekiangensis <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum chemungianum (Critically Endangered)
Cinnamomum citriodorum (Malabar cinnamon) (Endangered)
Cinnamomum clemensii
Cinnamomum contractum
Cinnamomum cordatum
Cinnamomum coriaceum
Cinnamomum corneri
Cinnamomum crenulicupulum
Cinnamomum crispulum
Cinnamomum culilaban
Cinnamomum cupulatum
Cinnamomum curtisii
Cinnamomum curvifolium
Cinnamomum cuspidatum
Cinnamomum cyrtopodum
Cinnamomum damhaensis
Cinnamomum daphnoides
Cinnamomum dasyanthum
Cinnamomum degeneri
Cinnamomum dictyoneuron
Cinnamomum dimorphandrum
Cinnamomum doederleinii
Cinnamomum dubium
Cinnamomum durifolium
Cinnamomum ebaloi
Cinnamomum ellipticifolium
Cinnamomum elongatum (laurel avispillo) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum endlicheriicarpum
Cinnamomum englerianum
Cinnamomum erythrophoia <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum eugenoliferum
Cinnamomum falcatum
Cinnamomum filipedicellatum (Endangered)
Cinnamomum filipes
Cinnamomum fitianum
Cinnamomum fouilloyi
Cinnamomum foveolatum
Cinnamomum frodinii
Cinnamomum fruticosum
Cinnamomum gamblei (Endangered)
Cinnamomum glanduliferum (False Camphor Tree) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum glaucescens
Cinnamomum glauciphyllum
Cinnamomum goaense
Cinnamomum gracillimum
Cinnamomum grandiflorum
Cinnamomum grandis
Cinnamomum helferii
Cinnamomum heyneanum
Cinnamomum hkinlumense
Cinnamomum ilicioides
Cinnamomum impressicostatum
Cinnamomum impressinervium
Cinnamomum inconspicuum
Cinnamomum iners (Attributes)
Cinnamomum inunctum
Cinnamomum japonica <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum javanicum (Attributes)
Cinnamomum jensenianum
Cinnamomum kalbaricum
Cinnamomum kami
Cinnamomum kanahirae (Endangered)
Cinnamomum kanchirai <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum keralaense
Cinnamomum kerangas
Cinnamomum kerrii
Cinnamomum kinabaluense
Cinnamomum kingdon-wardii
Cinnamomum kotoense (Critically Endangered)
Cinnamomum kunstleri
Cinnamomum kwangtungense
Cinnamomum lampongum
Cinnamomum lanaoense
Cinnamomum lanuginosum
Cinnamomum laubatii
Cinnamomum lawang
Cinnamomum ledermannii
Cinnamomum leptopus
Cinnamomum liangii
Cinnamomum lineatum
Cinnamomum litseifolium
Cinnamomum loheri
Cinnamomum lohitensis
Cinnamomum longepaniculatum
Cinnamomum longepedicellatum
Cinnamomum longipetiolatum
Cinnamomum loureiroi (cinnamon) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum macrocarpum
Cinnamomum macrophyllum
Cinnamomum magnificum
Cinnamomum mairei (Endangered)
Cinnamomum malabatrum
Cinnamomum malayanum
Cinnamomum mathewianum
Cinnamomum mathewsii
Cinnamomum maynense
Cinnamomum melastomataceum
Cinnamomum melliodorum
Cinnamomum mendozae
Cinnamomum mercadoi
Cinnamomum mezii
Cinnamomum micranthum
Cinnamomum microcarpum
Cinnamomum microneurum
Cinnamomum microphyllum
Cinnamomum migao
Cinnamomum mohanense
Cinnamomum molle
Cinnamomum mollifolium
Cinnamomum mollissimum
Cinnamomum myrianthum
Cinnamomum nalingway
Cinnamomum nanophyllum
Cinnamomum nicolsonianum
Cinnamomum nilagiricum
Cinnamomum nooteboomii
Cinnamomum novaebritanniae
Cinnamomum oblongum
Cinnamomum obscurum
Cinnamomum oleifolium
Cinnamomum oliveri
Cinnamomum oroi
Cinnamomum osmophloeum (indigenous cinnamon)
Cinnamomum ovalauense
Cinnamomum ovalifolium
Cinnamomum pachypes
Cinnamomum pachyphyllum
Cinnamomum paiei
Cinnamomum palghatensis
Cinnamomum pallidum
Cinnamomum panayense
Cinnamomum paraneuron
Cinnamomum parthenoxylon (Selasian wood) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum parviflorum (Mexican cinnamon)
Cinnamomum patens
Cinnamomum pauciflorum
Cinnamomum pedatinervium
Cinnamomum pedunculata <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum pendulum
Cinnamomum penninervium
Cinnamomum percoriaceum
Cinnamomum perglabrum
Cinnamomum perrottetii
Cinnamomum petiolatum
Cinnamomum philippinense
Cinnamomum pilosum
Cinnamomum pingbienense
Cinnamomum piniodorum
Cinnamomum pittosporoides
Cinnamomum platyphyllum
Cinnamomum podagricum
Cinnamomum polderi
Cinnamomum polyadelphum
Cinnamomum porphyrospermum
Cinnamomum propinquum
Cinnamomum pseudoglaziovii
Cinnamomum pseudopedunculatum
Cinnamomum puberulum
Cinnamomum pubescens
Cinnamomum pudmaculacum <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum racemosum
Cinnamomum reticulatum
Cinnamomum reticulifolium
Cinnamomum rhynchophyllum
Cinnamomum rigidifolium
Cinnamomum rigidissimum (Endangered)
Cinnamomum rigidum
Cinnamomum rivulorum (Critically Endangered)
Cinnamomum rosiflorum
Cinnamomum rosselianum
Cinnamomum rufotomentosum
Cinnamomum rupestre
Cinnamomum saffrol
Cinnamomum sancti-caroli
Cinnamomum sandkuhlii
Cinnamomum sanjappae
Cinnamomum saxatile
Cinnamomum scalarinervium
Cinnamomum scortechinii
Cinnamomum semecarpifolium
Cinnamomum septentrionale
Cinnamomum sericans
Cinnamomum sessilifolium (cinnamon)
Cinnamomum siamense
Cinnamomum singulare
Cinnamomum sinharajaense
Cinnamomum sintok
Cinnamomum sleumeri
Cinnamomum soegengii
Cinnamomum soepadmoi
Cinnamomum solomonense
Cinnamomum soncaurium
Cinnamomum splendens
Cinnamomum stereophyllum
Cinnamomum subaveniopsis
Cinnamomum subavenium (Attributes)
Cinnamomum subcuneatum
Cinnamomum sublanuginosum
Cinnamomum subpenninervium
Cinnamomum subsericeum
Cinnamomum subtetrapterum
Cinnamomum subtriplinervium
Cinnamomum sulavesianum
Cinnamomum sulphuratum
Cinnamomum sumatranum
Cinnamomum suvrae
Cinnamomum tahijanum
Cinnamomum talawaense
Cinnamomum tamala (indian bark) (Attributes)
Cinnamomum tazia
Cinnamomum tenuifolium
Cinnamomum tenuipile
Cinnamomum tetragonum
Cinnamomum thailandicum
Cinnamomum thorelii
Cinnamomum tonkinense
Cinnamomum travancoricum
Cinnamomum trichophyllum
Cinnamomum trintaense
Cinnamomum triplinerve
Cinnamomum tsangii (Attributes)
Cinnamomum tsoi
Cinnamomum turfosum
Cinnamomum utile
Cinnamomum vacciniifolium
Cinnamomum validinerve
Cinnamomum verum (true cinnamon)
Cinnamomum vimineum
Cinnamomum virens
Cinnamomum vitiense
Cinnamomum walaiwarense (Critically Endangered)
Cinnamomum weddellii
Cinnamomum wightii (Endangered)
Cinnamomum wilsonii
Cinnamomum woodii
Cinnamomum woulfei
Cinnamomum xanthoneurum
Cinnamomum xylophyllum
Cinnamomum yabunikkei
Cinnamomum zeylanica <Unverified Name>
Cinnamomum zeylznicum <Unverified Name>

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