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Polyscias (aralia)

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Polyscias is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araliaceae. They bear pinnately compound leaves. In 2003, a Checklist and nomenclator was published for Araliaceae. In this work, 116 species were listed for Polyscias. The species list in this article consists of those species plus the unpublished species Polyscias nothisii Lowry. The latter is one of about 10 species from New Caledonia that will be described in a forthcoming paper. Species include:
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Polyscias aculeata (Attributes)
Polyscias acuminata (Attributes)
Polyscias aemiliguineae (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias aequatoguineensis (Attributes)
Polyscias aherniana
Polyscias albersiana (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias alternifolia
Polyscias amplifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias anacardium (Attributes)
Polyscias andraerum (Attributes)
Polyscias angustifolia
Polyscias ariadnes (Attributes)
Polyscias ashtonii
Polyscias aubrevillei (Attributes)
Polyscias australiana (Attributes)
Polyscias baehniana (Attributes)
Polyscias balansae (Attributes)
Polyscias balfouriana (Attributes)
Polyscias baretiana (Attributes)
Polyscias belensis (Attributes)
Polyscias bellendenkeriensis (Attributes)
Polyscias bernieri (Attributes)
Polyscias biformis
Polyscias bipinnata (Attributes)
Polyscias bisattenuata (ohe mauka) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias boivinii (Attributes)
Polyscias borbonica (Attributes)
Polyscias borneensis (Attributes)
Polyscias botryophora (Attributes)
Polyscias bracteata (Attributes)
Polyscias briquetiana
Polyscias carolorum (Attributes)
Polyscias cenabrei
Polyscias chapelieri (Attributes)
Polyscias cissiflora (Attributes)
Polyscias cissodendron (Attributes)
Polyscias collina
Polyscias compacta
Polyscias confertifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias coriacea (Attributes)
Polyscias corticata (Attributes)
Polyscias crassa
Polyscias crenata (Attributes)
Polyscias culminicola (Attributes)
Polyscias cumingiana (Malaysian aralia) (Attributes)
Polyscias cussonioides (Attributes)
Polyscias cutispongia (Attributes)
Polyscias dichroostachya
Polyscias dichrostachya (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias dioica (Attributes)
Polyscias diversifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias duplicata
Polyscias elegans (Celery Wood) (Attributes)
Polyscias elliptica
Polyscias engganoense
Polyscias farinosa (Attributes)
Polyscias felicis (Attributes)
Polyscias filicifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias floccosa (Attributes)
Polyscias florosa (Attributes)
Polyscias flynnii (Flynn's 'ohe) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias fraxinifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias fruticosa (Ming Aralia) (Attributes)
Polyscias fulva (Attributes)
Polyscias gracilis (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias gruschvitzkii (Attributes)
Polyscias guilfoylei (geranium aralia) (Attributes)
Polyscias gymnocarpa (Koolau Tetraplasandra) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias havilandii
Polyscias hawaiensis (Hawai'i 'ohe) (Attributes)
Polyscias heineana (Attributes)
Polyscias humbertiana
Polyscias jackiana
Polyscias jacobsii (Attributes)
Polyscias javanica (Attributes)
Polyscias joskei (Attributes)
Polyscias kalabenonensis
Polyscias kavaiensis (ohe'ohe) (Attributes)
Polyscias kikuyuensis (Parasol Tree) (Attributes)
Polyscias kivuensis (Attributes)
Polyscias kjellbergii
Polyscias lancifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias lantzii (Attributes)
Polyscias lanutoensis (reynoldsia)
Polyscias le-testui (Attributes)
Polyscias leandriana
Polyscias lecardii (Attributes)
Polyscias ledermannii (Attributes)
Polyscias lionnetii (Critically Endangered)
Polyscias lucens
Polyscias lydgatei
Polyscias macgillivrayi (Attributes)
Polyscias mackeei
Polyscias macranthum
Polyscias macrocarpa
Polyscias madagascariensis (Attributes)
Polyscias maraisiana
Polyscias maralia (Attributes)
Polyscias marchionensis
Polyscias mauritiana (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias mayottensis (Attributes)
Polyscias meliifolia
Polyscias microbotrys (Attributes)
Polyscias mollis (Attributes)
Polyscias montana (Attributes)
Polyscias multibracteata (Attributes)
Polyscias multijuga (Attributes)
Polyscias muraltana (Attributes)
Polyscias murrayi (Pencil Cedar) (Attributes)
Polyscias myrsine (Attributes)
Polyscias neraudiana (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias nodosa (Attributes)
Polyscias nossibiensis (Attributes)
Polyscias nothisii <Unverified Name> (Endangered)
Polyscias oahuensis
Polyscias obtusifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias ornifolia (Attributes)
Polyscias otopyrena
Polyscias pachypedicellata
Polyscias pacifica
Polyscias palmervandenbroekii (Attributes)
Polyscias pancheri (Attributes)
Polyscias paniculata (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias papyracea
Polyscias pentamera (Attributes)
Polyscias philipsonii (Attributes)
Polyscias pinnata (Attributes)
Polyscias pleiosperma
Polyscias prolifera
Polyscias pulgarensis
Polyscias purpurea (Attributes)
Polyscias quintasii (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias racemosa (false 'ohe) (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias rainaliorum (Attributes)
Polyscias reineckei (Attributes)
Polyscias repanda (Attributes)
Polyscias revoluta
Polyscias richardsiae (Attributes)
Polyscias rivalsii (Attributes)
Polyscias rodriguesiana (Critically Endangered)
Polyscias roemeriana (Attributes)
Polyscias royenii (Attributes)
Polyscias rubiginosa
Polyscias rufosepala
Polyscias sambucifolia (Elderberry Panax) (Attributes)
Polyscias samoensis (Attributes)
Polyscias sandwicensis (ohe makai) (Attributes)
Polyscias schmidii (Attributes)
Polyscias schultzei (Attributes)
Polyscias scopoliae (Attributes)
Polyscias scutellaria (shield aralia) (Attributes)
Polyscias sechellarum (Attributes)
Polyscias serratifolia
Polyscias sessiliflora (Attributes)
Polyscias sleumeri (Attributes)
Polyscias sorongensis (Attributes)
Polyscias spectabilis (Attributes)
Polyscias stonei
Polyscias stuhlmannii (Polyscias stuhlmannii subspecies stuhlmannii) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias subcapitata (polyscias) (Attributes)
Polyscias tafondroensis (Attributes)
Polyscias tahitensis (Critically Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias terminalia (Attributes)
Polyscias thailandica
Polyscias tripinnata (Attributes)
Polyscias verrucosa
Polyscias verticillata (Attributes)
Polyscias vieillardii
Polyscias vogelkopensis (Attributes)
Polyscias waialealae (Mt. Waialeale 'ohe) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias waimeae (ohe kiko 'ola) (Endangered) (Attributes)
Polyscias weinmanniae (Attributes)
Polyscias willmottii (Attributes)
Polyscias wohlhauseri
Polyscias zanthoxyloides (Attributes)
Polyscias zippeliana (Attributes)

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