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Euphaedra (Butterfly)

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Euphaedra is a butterfly genus in the subfamily Limenitidinae. The species are confined to the Afrotropical ecozone mainly in the Guinean Forests of West Africa and the Congolian forests.
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Euphaedra aberrans
Euphaedra acuta
Euphaedra adolfifriderici
Euphaedra adonina
Euphaedra afzelli
Euphaedra alacris
Euphaedra albocoerulea
Euphaedra albofasciata
Euphaedra ansorgei
Euphaedra aubergeri
Euphaedra aureola
Euphaedra aurivillii
Euphaedra barnsi
Euphaedra bergeri
Euphaedra bombeana
Euphaedra brevis
Euphaedra caerulescens
Euphaedra campaspe
Euphaedra castanea
Euphaedra ceres
Euphaedra christyi
Euphaedra cinnamomea
Euphaedra clio
Euphaedra condamini
Euphaedra cooksoni
Euphaedra coprates
Euphaedra cottoni
Euphaedra crawshayi
Euphaedra crockeri
Euphaedra crossei
Euphaedra cuprea
Euphaedra cyparissa
Euphaedra dargeana
Euphaedra dargei
Euphaedra descarpentriesi
Euphaedra difficilis
Euphaedra ducarmei
Euphaedra eberti
Euphaedra eburnensis
Euphaedra edwardsii
Euphaedra eleus
Euphaedra eupalus
Euphaedra eusemoides
Euphaedra extensa
Euphaedra ferruginea
Euphaedra fontainei
Euphaedra francina
Euphaedra gausape
Euphaedra grandis
Euphaedra graueri
Euphaedra harpalyce
Euphaedra hebes
Euphaedra herberti
Euphaedra hewitsoni
Euphaedra hollandi
Euphaedra hybrida
Euphaedra illustris
Euphaedra imitans
Euphaedra imperialis
Euphaedra inanum
Euphaedra intermedia
Euphaedra jacksoni
Euphaedra janetta
Euphaedra jolyana
Euphaedra judith
Euphaedra justitia
Euphaedra karschi
Euphaedra laboureana
Euphaedra laguerrei
Euphaedra landbecki
Euphaedra lata
Euphaedra leloupi
Euphaedra losinga
Euphaedra luperca
Euphaedra lupercoides
Euphaedra luteofasciata
Euphaedra margaritifera
Euphaedra margueriteae
Euphaedra maxima
Euphaedra medon
Euphaedra mendax
Euphaedra mirabilis
Euphaedra neophron (Goldbanded forester butterfly)
Euphaedra neumanni
Euphaedra nigrobasalis
Euphaedra nigrocilia
Euphaedra niveovittata
Euphaedra ochracea
Euphaedra olivacea
Euphaedra orientalis
Euphaedra overlaeti
Euphaedra paradoxa
Euphaedra permixtum
Euphaedra perseis
Euphaedra phaethusa
Euphaedra phosphor
Euphaedra plagiaria
Euphaedra preussi
Euphaedra rattrayi
Euphaedra ravola
Euphaedra rex
Euphaedra rezia
Euphaedra rezioides
Euphaedra rubocostata
Euphaedra ruspina
Euphaedra sarcoptera
Euphaedra sardetta
Euphaedra sarita
Euphaedra simplex
Euphaedra sinuosa
Euphaedra spatiosa
Euphaedra symphona
Euphaedra themis
Euphaedra ubangi
Euphaedra uganda
Euphaedra uniformis
Euphaedra vetusta
Euphaedra villiersi
Euphaedra viridicaerulea
Euphaedra vulnerata
Euphaedra wissmanni
Euphaedra xerophila
Euphaedra xypete
Euphaedra zaddachi
Euphaedra zampa

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