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Suberites ficus (fig sponge)

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Suberites ficus is a species of sponge in the family Suberitidae. It is sometimes known as the sea orange sponge. Sponges are primitive animals with little apparent internal organisation. They are composed of a jellylike mesohyl sandwiched between two layers of cells and have a fragile skeleton composed of stiff spicules. They are filter feeders, maintaining a flow of water through their structure which passes out through large openings called oscula.
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Thunnus thynnus (horse mackerel)[1]


ERMS scope; North-West Atlantic; North Sea; North-East Atlantic; Wimereux; South Africa; Namibia; Banc d'Arguin; North Sea; Mediterranean Sea; West Africa; Namibia; Cape Vert Islands; West Africa; West Mediterranean; North Atlantic; Spain North Coast;

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