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Global Species

Looking after the destruction of humankind by providing all that is necessary to keep global species alive.


Looking after the destruction of humankind by providing all that is necessary to keep global species alive.


Covering large areas of land and water to provide the right kind of sources for all species.

Climate Data

Scaling through information to take curative steps towards progress and keep hopes alive.

Bird Areas
Animal Cams
Wildlife Protected
A Mashup of Species Data from Around the Web

Combining different sources of data from all around the world to help make decisions and definitive moves.

Endangered Species

Keeping a tab on all types of endangered species to ensure that they don’t leave the planet. 

Our Mission

With the belief that the earth is for everyone, we have set out to help species that are less in number.


Have a look at what moulds us and at what shapes our way forward.

Land Use

Land Use

Providing an array of land for the right form of consumption that tends to be the need of the hour.

Protected Areas

Protected Areas

Covering areas that need protection by ensuring that species in and around the place get what they deserve.



Going across all boundaries to cover human mistakes and various kinds of errors that need to be shaped.

What's New

Endangered Species

Most Endangered Species in the World

This a plant where millions of species call home and some species are at serious risk of extinction. This can be caused due to various reasons from human intervention and other reasons—endangered species nothing but the species of animals which are on the verge of getting extinct. There are many different reasons that they might be getting extinct from food source to their skin. Here are several different endangered species that might go extinct if no action is taken.

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

One of the most critically endangered species of bird is the ivory-billed woodpecker which is found in the Southeastern US and also in Cuba. This is one of the biggest species of the woodpecker, but today only a few of them can be spotted in the wild.

Ivory-billed Woodpecker

The Amur Leopard

A rare leopard which is only found in Russia is snowy losing its track. They are found in snowy and cold regions but before they were known to be seen in parts of China and Korea, but today they have gone obsolete. Today, a census revealed that only 20 adult Amur leopards exist in the world.

The Javan Rhinoceros

The Javan Rhinoceros

The Javan Rhinoceros is another endangered species of animal out there where only 60 animals are said to live. They reside in Ujung Kulon Nation Park in Indonesia. This is one of the most desired animals, mainly because of its horns and tough armour.


There once more than 100 different types of Lemur, but today most of them are considered to be endangered species. These animals are only found in Madagascar which is situated in South East coast of Africa, Today, their count is almost close to none, and few of the species have already disappeared from the face of the earth. Today the few remaining are also considered endangered.

Northern Right Whale

The Northern Right Whale is one which is most endangered whale species. It is found around the Atlantic coast of Canada and US where more than 35o different species of them were found. The whale is generally needed for its oil as it is one of the easiest ways to produce oil. Although protected but with the numbers dwindling, it is hard to say for how long.


A species which belong to the porpoise family is declining rapidly as they are only 600 left in the wild. They are generally found in the Gulf of California and are found in the stretches of water near Baja and Mexico. It is said that climate change is one of the most important contributing factors to their decline, which s affecting their food and habitat. This leads to a lot of Vaquitas dying out of starvation and also pollution.

Vital Species

Vital Species That We Need to Save the Planet

There are various kinds of species and creatures on this planet. All of them tend to have a right to live, and as humans, it is quite essential to make sure of the same. But among these long lists of species, there are a few that are vital to the planet’s existence. Protecting them should be our top job at all costs if we consider survival to be necessary. So to take matters forward, here are those vital species that we need to save the planet.

1. Fungi and Recycling

It is quite hard to think about a moment in life that you spend thinking about Fungi. But these species are vital since they are known as world’s recyclers. Their role in releasing nutrients back into the food chain is considered to be of prime importance. Due to that very purpose, life on earth will not lead to trouble.


2. Bees and the EcoSystem

The evolution of Bees might not have a lot to be documented, but their existence is quite essential. Around 70% of the crops that we consume tend to rely on the interplay of bees and plants. So this part they play as pollinating insects is essential to the entire EcoSystem. But the worst part of it all tends to point towards the process of extinction. Yes, you heard it right. Hence, it is crucial to keep them safe and alive.

3. Bats and Food Crops


Bats is another species that provide us with a unique form of service. Thanks to their habits, crops like banana, dates, tequila, and so on tend to strive forward. Their pollination strategies are something else that needs to be pointed out. But like Bees, Bats are also on the part towards extinction, and we need to act immediately.

4. Phytoplankton and Oxygen

One need not stress a lot over the importance of oxygen since it is quite understandable. Due to that, it is important to safeguard the kind of species that give us oxygen. Phytoplankton is known as the lungs of the earth since around ⅔ of the world’s atmospheric oxygen is produced by them.

5. Coral Reefs and Coastal Ecosystems

Coral Reefs and Coastal Ecosystems

Beautiful structures like coral reefs are more than just structures since their contribution to marine life is unimaginable. The sheltered lagoons are provided by these reefs and thus move forward to act as a foundation for food webs. But a lot of human-made activities are also threatening their existence and damaging what’s left of them.

6. Sharks and Other Species

When it comes to population and other such aspects, Sharks tend to play a vital role. They tend to maintain the form of life and also face quite the threat from humans.

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