Captive Endangered Species

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Leucocephalon yuwonoi (Sulawesi Forest Turtle) (Critically Endangered)
Leucopsar rothschildi (Bali Myna) (Critically Endangered)
Leucoraja ocellata (Winter skate) (Endangered)
Lithobates chiricahuensis (Chiricahua Leopard Frog) (Critically Endangered)
Lithobates vibicarius (Critically Endangered)
Litoria booroolongensis (Booroolong Frog) (Critically Endangered)
Litoria castanea (Yellow-spotted Tree Frog) (Critically Endangered)
Litoria raniformis (Green And Gold Frog) (Endangered)
Litoria spenceri (Spencer's River Tree Frog) (Critically Endangered)
Lontra felina (Marine Otter) (Endangered)
Lophura edwardsi (Edwards's Pheasant) (Critically Endangered)
Lophura hatinhensis (Vietnamese Pheasant) (Endangered)
Loris tardigradus (slender Loris) (Endangered)
Lorius domicella (Purple-naped Lory) (Endangered)
Lycaon pictus (African wild dog) (Endangered)
Lygodactylus williamsi (Turquoise dwarf gecko) (Critically Endangered)
Lynx pardinus (Iberian Lynx) (Critically Endangered)
Macaca maura (moor macaque) (Endangered)
Macaca nigra (Celebes crested macaque) (Critically Endangered)
Macaca silenus (liontail macaque) (Endangered)
Macaca sinica (Toque macaque) (Endangered)
Macaca sylvanus (Barbary macaque) (Endangered)
Maccullochella macquariensis (Trout cod) (Endangered)
Maccullochella peelii (Murray cod) (Critically Endangered)
Macrocephalon maleo (Maleo) (Endangered)
Macrovipera schweizeri (Cyclades Blunt-nosed Viper) (Endangered)
Mandrillus leucophaeus (drill) (Endangered)
Manis javanica (Sunda Pangolin) (Endangered)
Manis pentadactyla (Chinese Pangolin) (Endangered)
Manouria emys (Brown Tortoise) (Endangered)
Mantella aurantiaca (Golden mantella) (Critically Endangered)
Mantella bernhardi (Bernhard's Mantella) (Endangered)
Mantella cowanii (Cowan's Mantella) (Critically Endangered)
Mantella crocea (Yellow Mantella) (Endangered)
Mantella expectata (Blue-legged Mantella) (Endangered)
Mantella milotympanum (Black-eared Mantella) (Critically Endangered)
Mantella viridis (Green Mantella) (Endangered)
Marmota sibirica (Tarbagan marmot) (Endangered)
Marmota vancouverensis (Vancouver marmot) (Critically Endangered)
Mauremys annamensis (Annam Leaf Turtle) (Critically Endangered)
Mauremys mutica (Yellowpond Turtle) (Endangered)
Medicago arborea (moon trefoil) (Critically Endangered)
Megapodius pritchardii (Tongan Megapode) (Endangered)
Megupsilon aporus (Black-blotch pupfish) (Extinct in the wild)
Melanitta fusca (White-winged Scoter) (Endangered)
Melanotaenia boesemani (Boeseman's rainbowfish) (Endangered)
Mergus squamatus (Scaly-sided Merganser) (Endangered)
Mesoclemmys dahli (Dahl’s Toadhead Turtle) (Critically Endangered)
Mitu mitu (Alagoas Curassow) (Extinct in the wild)
Moschus chrysogaster (alpine musk deer) (Endangered)
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