Animalia > Platyhelminthes > Trematoda > Diplostomida > Diplostomidae > Tylodelphys > Tylodelphys podicipina

Tylodelphys podicipina


Parasite of 
Aechmophorus occidentalis (Western Grebe)[1]
Coregonus albula (European whitefish)[1]
Coregonus lavaretus (Houting)[1]
Coregonus peled (Big powan)[1]
Esox lucius (Jack)[1]
Gymnocephalus cernua (Ruffe)[1]
Lota lota (Thin-tailed burbot)[1]
Oncorhynchus mykiss (redband trout)[1]
Perca fluviatilis (River perch)[1]
Podiceps auritus (Horned Grebe)[1]
Podiceps cristatus (Great Crested Grebe)[1]
Podiceps grisegena (Red-necked Grebe)[1]
Podiceps nigricollis (Eared Grebe)[1]
Pomatoschistus microps (Common goby)[1]
Pomatoschistus minutus (freckled goby)[1]
Rutilus rutilus (Roach)[1]



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