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Holacanthus passer (whitestripe angelfish; King angelfish)

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Holacanthus passer (king angelfish or passer angelfish) is a large marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae. Due to its large size and bright colors it is a popular aquarium fish, despite the fact that it can be difficult to keep.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Archipelago de Colon Biosphere Reserve 34336011 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador  


Prey / Diet

Aaptos aaptos (Sponge)[1]
Aaptos niger[2]
Aplysia californica (California seahare)[1]
Callyspongia californica[1]
Chondrilla nucula (Chicken liver sponge)[2]
Cliona papillae[2]
Diadema mexicanum[1]
Erylus goffrilleri[1]
Eucidaris thouarsii[1]
Geodia media[2]
Haliclona caerulea[2]
Haliclona palmata[1]
Haliclona turquoisia[2]
Hyattella intestinalis[1]
Microspathodon dorsalis (Giant damselfish)[1]
Mycale cecilia[2]
Mycale magnirhaphidifera[2]
Mycale psila[2]
Myxilla incrustans[2]
Pinctada mazatlanica[1]
Pione carpenteri[2]
Pione mazatlanensis[2]
Plakortis angulospiculatus[1]
Pocillopora damicornis (Brush coral)[3]
Pocillopora elegans (Cauliflower coral)[3]
Pocillopora grandis (Coral)[3]
Spirastrella decumbens[2]
Suberites aurantiacus[2]
Tethya taboga[2]
Triphora hannai[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Aluterus scriptus (unicornfish)3
Arothron hispidus (poison puffer)3
Arothron meleagris (Whitespotted pufferfish)3
Cantherhines dumerilii (Barred filefish)3
Cantherhines pullus (Tobaccofish)1
Chaetodon aureofasciatus (goldstriped butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon baronessa (Baroness butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon citrinellus (Midas cichlid)1
Chaetodon humeralis (muneca)3
Chaetodon kleinii (Blacklip butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon plebeius (blueblotched butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon rainfordi (Northern butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon ulietensis (Doublesaddle butterflyfish)1
Diproctacanthus xanthurus (Yellow-tail wrasse)1
Doriprismatica sedna10
Eretmochelys imbricata (Hawksbill)1
Holacanthus ciliaris (Yellow angelfish)1
Holacanthus tricolor (Yellow nanny)1
Johnrandallia nigrirostris (Black-nosed butterflyfish)3
Pomacanthus arcuatus (Pot cover)1
Pomacanthus paru (French angelfish)1
Pomacanthus zonipectus (Cortez angelfish)11
Scarus perrico (perrico)3
Scarus rubroviolaceus (Redlipped parrot)3


Bodianus diplotaenia (Pacific hogfish)[3]
Cephalopholis panamensis (Panama graysby)[3]
Epinephelus labriformis (lateralband grouper)[3]
Gymnothorax castaneus (Panamic green moray)[3]
Gymnothorax dovii (Speckled moray)[3]
Lutjanus argentiventris (yellowtail snapper)[3]
Lutjanus novemfasciatus (black snapper)[3]
Lutjanus viridis (Blue-and-gold snapper)[3]
Novaculichthys taeniourus (clown wrasse)[3]
Thalassoma grammaticum (Sunset wrasse)[3]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Aquarium & Rainforest at Moody Gardens
El Paso Zoo
Minnesota Zoological Garden
Oklahoma City Zoological Park
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Steinhart Aquarium (CA Acad of Science
Toledo Zoological Gardens
Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum

Range Map

Cocos I. Costa Rica; Colombia; Costa Rica; Eastern Pacific: Gulf of California to Peru, including the Galapagos Islands.; Ecuador; El Salvador; Galapagos Islands; Guatemala; Gulf of California; Honduras; Mexico; Nicaragua; Pacific Central-American Coastal; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Southeast; Panama; Peru; Peru-Galapagos Waters;



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