Animalia > Chordata > Actinopterygii > Perciformes > Gobiidae > Gobionellus > Gobionellus occidentalis

Gobionellus occidentalis (Goby)

Synonyms: Gobius occidentalis; Oxyurichthus occidantalis; Oxyurichthus occidentalis; Oxyurichys occidentalis
Language: Mandarin Chinese


Citharichthys stampflii (Smooth flounder)[1]
Elops lacerta (Atlantic ladyfish)[1]
Eucinostomus melanopterus (Flagfin mojarra)[1]
Hemichromis fasciatus (Banded jewelfish)[1]
Hepsetus odoe (Pike characid)[1]
Lutjanus goreensis (Grouper)[1]
Pomadasys jubelini (burro)[1]
Schilbe intermedius (Butter catfish)[1]
Strongylura senegalensis (Senegal needlefish)[1]

Range Map

Africa-Inland Waters; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Eastern Central; Cameroon; Canary Current; Eastern Atlantic: Guinea-Bissau to Gabon and offshore islands (Ref. 4343). Also collected from mangroves at Bula Bemba (lower Congo River) and from Banana (lower Congo River estuary), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Ref. 12818).; Eastern Atlantic: Guinea-Bissau to Gabon and offshore islands.; Gabon; Guinea Current; Guinea-Bissau; Sanaga; Senegal;



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