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Pagothenia borchgrevinki (Bald notothen)

Synonyms: Notothenia hodgsoni; Pagothenia borchgrevenki; Trematomus borchgrevinki
Language: Chinese; Mandarin Chinese; Russian

Wikipedia Abstract

Pagothenia borchgrevinki, the bald notothen, is a species of cod icefish native to the Southern Ocean where it is found in the Weddell Sea, the Ross Sea, the Davis Sea, in Vincennes Bay, and around the Budd Coast, the Antarctic Peninsula, South Orkneys and South Shetland Islands. It can be found at depths of from the surface to 550 metres (1,800 ft) though it is much rarer below 30 metres (98 ft).
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Prey / Diet

Calanoides acutus[1]
Calanus propinquus[1]
Eukrohnia hamata[1]
Euphausia crystallorophias (ice krill)[2]
Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill)[1]
Eusirus antarcticus[1]
Hyperiella dilatata[1]
Hyperiella macronyx[1]
Limacina helicina (helicid pteropod)[3]
Metridia gerlachei[1]
Orchomene plebs[3]
Pleuragramma antarctica (Antarctic silverfish)[2]
Stephos longipes[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Arctocephalus gazella (Antarctic Fur Seal)1
Balaenoptera bonaerensis (Antarctic Minke Whale)2
Chaenodraco wilsoni (Spiny icefish)2
Chionodraco hamatus (Crocodile icefish)1
Chionodraco myersi (Myers' icefish)2
Cryodraco antarcticus (Long-fingered icefish)1
Cygnodraco mawsoni (Mawson's dragonfish)2
Dacodraco hunteri (Crocodile icefish)1
Dissostichus mawsoni (Antarctic blenny)1
Gvozdarus svetovidovi (Naked-head toothfish)1
Gymnodraco acuticeps (Ploughfish)2
Leptonychotes weddellii (Weddell Seal)1
Lobodon carcinophaga (Crabeater Seal)1
Nansenia candida (Bluethroat argentine)1
Neopagetopsis ionah (Jonah's icefish)1
Sardinops sagax (Australian pilchard)1
Stenobrachius leucopsarus (Smallfin lanternfish)1
Tarletonbeania crenularis (Blue lanternfish)1
Trematomus bernacchii (Emerald notothen)1
Trematomus newnesi (Dusky notothen)2


Aptenodytes forsteri (Emperor Penguin)[4]
Daption capense (Cape Petrel)[1]
Dissostichus mawsoni (Antarctic blenny)[5]
Fulmarus glacialoides (Southern Fulmar)[1]
Gymnodraco acuticeps (Ploughfish)[1]
Hydrurga leptonyx (Leopard seal)[1]
Leptonychotes weddellii (Weddell Seal)[1]
Pygoscelis adeliae (Adelie Penguin)[1]
Stercorarius maccormicki (South Polar Skua)[2]
Thalassoica antarctica (Antarctic Petrel)[1]


Parasitized by 
Corynosoma hamanni[6]
Corynosoma pseudohamanni[6]
Elytrophalloides oatesi[6]
Gonocerca phycidis[6]
Lepidapedon garrardi[6]
Macvicaria pennelli[6]
Metacanthocephalus campbelli[6]


Antarctic; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic, Antarctic; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Antarctic; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Antarctic; South Orkney Islands; South Shetland Islands; Southern Ocean: Ross, Davis and Weddell Sea, Vincennes Bay, Budd Coast, Antarctic Peninsula, South Orkney and South Shetland islands.; Weddell Sea;



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