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Arothron meleagris (Whitespotted pufferfish; White-spotted puffer; White-spotted balloon; Velcro-fish; Spotted puffer; Guinea-fowl pufferfish; Guineafowl puffer; Guineafowl blaasop)

Synonyms: Arothron ophryas; Ovoides latifrons; Tetraodon lacrymatus; Tetraodon meleagris; Tetrodon meleagris; Tetrodon setosus
Language: Afrikaans; Arabic; Carolinian; Divehi; Fijian; Finnish; French; Fwi; Fwâi; German; Hawaiian; Japanese; Jawe; Kiribati; Malay; Mandarin Chinese; Marshallese; Rapa; Samoan; Spanish; Tagalog; Tahitian; Tuamotuan

Wikipedia Abstract

Arothron meleagris, commonly known as the guineafowl puffer or golden puffer, is a pufferfish from the Indo-Pacific, and Eastern Pacific. It is occasionally harvested for the aquarium trade. It reaches 50 cm in length. The Guineafowl Puffers have heavy rounded bodies that are uniformly black with numerous small white spots (Black Puffer or Botete Negro), bright yellow spots (Golden Puffer or Botete Dorado) or a mixture of the two morphologies with bright yellow spots and black patches.
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Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Archipelago de Colon Biosphere Reserve 34336011 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador  
Christmas Island National Park II 21698 Christmas Island, Australia
Shoalwater and Corio Bays Area Ramsar Site   Queensland, Australia


Prey / Diet

Chthamalus fissus[1]
Leiaster leachi[2]
Millepora intricata[3]
Pavona chiriquiensis (Leaf coral)[3]
Pavona clavus (Leaf coral)[3]
Pavona gigantea (Leaf coral)[3]
Pavona varians (Leaf coral)[3]
Pocillopora damicornis (Brush coral)[2]
Pocillopora elegans (Cauliflower coral)[3]
Pocillopora eydouxi (Coral)[3]
Porites lobata (Finger coral)[2]
Psammocora stellata[3]
Pyura vittata (Orange sea squirt)[1]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Aluterus scriptus (unicornfish)3
Arothron hispidus (poison puffer)10
Cantherhines dumerilii (Barred filefish)3
Chaetodon aureofasciatus (goldstriped butterflyfish)2
Chaetodon baronessa (Baroness butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon citrinellus (Midas cichlid)1
Chaetodon humeralis (muneca)3
Chaetodon kleinii (Blacklip butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon plebeius (blueblotched butterflyfish)1
Chaetodon rainfordi (Northern butterflyfish)2
Chaetodon ulietensis (Doublesaddle butterflyfish)1
Diproctacanthus xanthurus (Yellow-tail wrasse)1
Holacanthus passer (whitestripe angelfish)3
Johnrandallia nigrirostris (Black-nosed butterflyfish)3
Kyphosus elegans (Cortez sea chub)1
Labrichthys unilineatus (Tube-mouth wrasse)1
Pomacanthus zonipectus (Cortez angelfish)4
Scarus perrico (perrico)3
Scarus rubroviolaceus (Redlipped parrot)3
Stegastes acapulcoensis (Acapulco major)4


Parasitized by 
Dissonus similis <Unverified Name>[4]

Institutions (Zoos, etc.)

Institution Infraspecies / Breed 
Acquario di Genova
Aquarium & Rainforest at Moody Gardens
Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park
Denver Zoological Gardens
Florida Aquarium
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Minnesota Zoological Garden
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
Toledo Zoological Gardens
Tulsa Zoo & Living Museum
West Edmonton Mall Marine Life Center


American Samoa; Arabian Sea; Australia; Chagos Islands; Chile; China; Christmas Island (Aust.); Colombia; Cook Islands; Costa Rica; East Central Australian Shelf; Easter Island; Ecuador; El Salvador; French Polynesia; Galapagos Islands; Guam; Guatemala; Gulf of California; Hawaii (USA); Honduras; Humboldt Current; India; Indian Ocean; Indian Ocean, Eastern; Indian Ocean, Western; Indo-Pacific: East Africa south to Durban, South Africa (Ref. 4919) and east to the Panama, north to Ryukyu Islands, south to Lord Howe and Easter islands. Eastern Pacific: Guaymas, Mexico to Ecuador (Ref. 9349).; Indonesia; Indonesian Sea; Insular Pacific-Hawaiian; Japan; Kimbe Bay; Kuroshio Current; Lord Howe Island; Maldives; Marshall Islands; Mauritius; Mexico; Micronesia,Fed.States of; Midway Islands; Mozambique; New Caledonia; Nicaragua; Niue; North Australian Shelf; North Marianas; Ogasawara Islands; Oman; Pacific Central-American Coastal; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; Pacific, Northwest; Pacific, Southeast; Pacific, Southwest; Pacific, Western Central; Palau; Panama; Panay Gulf; Papua New Guinea; Peru; Peru-Galapagos Waters; Philippines; Polynesian Waters; Ryukyu Islands; Réunion; Samoa; Seychelles; South Africa; South China Sea; Sulu-Celebes Sea; Taiwan; Tanzania, United Rep. of; Tonga; Tubbataha Reefs; Yellow Sea;



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