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Sebastes atrovirens (Rockfish; Kelp rockfish)

Synonyms: Sebastes artovirens; Sebastichthys atrovirens
Language: Danish; Mandarin Chinese; Spanish

Wikipedia Abstract

Sebastes atrovirens is a species of fish in the rockfish family known by the common name kelp rockfish. It is native to the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California in the United States and Baja California in Mexico.This species reaches about 42 centimeters in length. Its life span is up to 15 to 20 or even 25 years. Individuals may be tan, brown, green, reddish, blackish, whitish, or brown-mottled. The snout has an "up-turned" look.
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Maximum Longevity [1]  20 years

Protected Areas

Name IUCN Category Area acres Location Species Website Climate Land Use
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary   California, United States
Channel Islands National Park II 139010 California, United States

Prey / Diet

Alloclinus holderi (Island kelpfish)[2]
Batea transversa[3]
Californiconus californicus (California cone)[2]
Cycloleberis lobiancoi[3]
Cymatogaster aggregata (Shiner)[2]
Eualus herdmani (herdman eualid)[3]
Gibbonsia montereyensis (scarlet kelpfish)[2]
Heterostichus rostratus (Giant kelpfish)[2]
Hippolyte clarki (kelp humpback shrimp)[3]
Holmesimysis sculpta[3]
Kelletia kelletii (Kellet's whelk)[2]
Leiocottus hirundo (Lavender sculpin)[2]
Loxorhynchus grandis (sheep crab)[2]
Megathura crenulata (giant keyhole limpet)[2]
Mitra idae (half-pitted miter)[2]
Neobernaya spadicea (chestnut cowrie)[2]
Orthonopias triacis (Snubnose sculpin)[2]
Oxylebius pictus (Convict fish)[2]
Pentidotea resecata[4]
Pleustes platypa (Amphipod)[3]
Pugettia producta (northern kelp crab)[2]
Sebastes atrovirens (Rockfish)[2]
Sebastes mystinus (Rockfish)[2]
Siriella pacifica[3]

Prey / Diet Overlap

Competing SpeciesCommon Prey Count
Haemulon californiensis (Salema)3
Hydrolagus colliei (Spotted rattfish)1
Hyperprosopon argenteum (Walleye seaperch)3
Leptocottus armatus (Cabezon)1
Sebastes serranoides (Rockfish)4
Seriphus politus (Drum)1


Ophiodon elongatus (Lingcod)[2]
Paralichthys californicus (Halibut)[2]
Scorpaenichthys marmoratus (Sculpin)[2]
Sebastes atrovirens (Rockfish)[2]
Sebastes paucispinis (Bocaccio)[2]
Sebastes serranoides (Rockfish)[2]
Triakis semifasciata (Leopard shark)[2]


Parasitized by 
Aporocotyle macfarlani[5]
Helicometrina nimia[5]
Microcotyle sebastis[5]
Opechona occidentalis[5]
Opecoelus minor[5]
Pellamyzon abitionis <Unverified Name>[5]
Psettarium sebastodorum[5]
Trochopus marginata <Unverified Name>[5]


California Current; Eastern Pacific: Timber Cove, Sonoma County in central California, USA to central Baja California, Mexico.; Mexico; Pacific Ocean; Pacific, Eastern Central; USA (contiguous states);



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