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Corallus ruschenbergerii (Ruschenberger Tree Boa, False Manapare, Dormilona)

Synonyms: Boa ruschenbergii; Boa salmonidia; Corallus cookei var. ruschenbergi; Xiphosoma ruschenbergerii; Xiphosoma ruschenbergii

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Common names: Central American tree boa, common tree boa, Trinidad tree boa.Corallus ruschenbergerii is a non-venomous boa species found in lower Central America and northern South America. No subspecies are currently recognized.
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Marwell Wildlife
Miami Metrozoo


SW Costa Rica, Panama (including Isla del Rey, Isla Contadora, Isla de Cébaco, Isla Suscantupu), Colombia (east of the Andes and north of the cordilleras Central and Oriental), N Venezuela (north of the Cordillera de Mérida and in the drainage of the Río ;



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