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Species Status Photo
Archaius tigris (Tiger Chameleon) Endangered
Archoplites interruptus (Sacramento perch) Endangered
Arcidens wheeleri (Wheeler's Pearly Mussel) Endangered
Arctocephalus galapagoensis (Galapagos Fur Seal) Endangered
Ardea humbloti (Humblot's Heron) Endangered
Ardea insignis (White-bellied Heron) Critical
Ardeola idae (Malagasy Pond Heron) Endangered
Ardeotis nigriceps (Great Indian Bustard) Critical
Ardisia amplexicaulis Endangered
Ardisia blatteri Endangered
Ardisia brittonii Endangered
Ardisia byrsonimae Critical
Ardisia colonensis Endangered
Ardisia costaricensis Endangered
Ardisia dukei Endangered
Ardisia etindensis Critical
Ardisia glomerata Endangered
Ardisia koupensis Endangered
Ardisia palmana Endangered
Ardisia rigidifolia Endangered
Ardisia scheryi Endangered
Ardisia schlechteri Critical
Ardisia sonchifolia Endangered
Areca concinna Endangered
Arenaria funiculata Endangered
Arenaria grandiflora subsp. bolosii Critical
Arenaria nevadensis Critical
Arenaria radians Critical
Arenga micrantha (Tibetan Sugar Palm) Endangered
Aresceutica morogorica (Uluguru Dusky Grasshopper) Endangered
Aresceutica subnuda (Usambara Dusky Grasshopper) Endangered
Argenteohyla siemersi (Tree frog) Endangered
Argyranthemum lidii Endangered
Argyranthemum thalassophilum Endangered
Argyranthemum winteri Critical
Argyrodes chionus Endangered
Argyrosomus hololepidotus (Southern meagre) Endangered
Argyroxiphium kauense (Mauna Loa silversword) Critical
Argythamnia argentea Endangered
Ariadna ustulata Critical
Ariocarpus agavoides (Tamaulipas Living Rock Cactus) Endangered
Ariocarpus bravoanus Endangered
Ariocarpus scaphirostris Endangered
Arisaema rostratum Critical
Aristeguietia chimborazensis Endangered
Aristolochia delavayi Endangered
Aristolochia preussii Critical
Aristolochia scytophylla Endangered
Aristolochia tuberosa Endangered
Aristolochia utriformis Critical
Aristolochia westlandii Critical
Arius festinus Endangered
Arius uncinatus Endangered
Arlequinus krebsi Endangered
Armeria berlengensis Critical
Armeria pseudarmeria Endangered
Armeria purpurea Critical
Armeria soleirolii Endangered
Aroegas fuscus (Brown False Shieldback) Endangered
Aroegas nigroornatus (Black-spotted False Shieldback) Critical
Aromobates alboguttatus (Nephelobates alboguttatus) Endangered
Aromobates duranti Endangered
Aromobates haydeeae (Nephelobates haydeeae) Endangered
Aromobates leopardalis (Colostethus leopardalis) Endangered
Aromobates mayorgai (Nephelobates mayorgai) Endangered
Aromobates meridensis (Merida Rocket Frog) Critical
Aromobates molinarii (Nephelobates molinarii) Endangered
Aromobates nocturnus (Skunk Frog) Critical
Aromobates orostoma (Nephelobates orostoma) Endangered
Aromobates saltuensis (Colostethus saltuensis) Endangered
Aromobates serranus Endangered
Arrhenatherum pallens Endangered
Arrojadoa albiflora Critical
Arrojadoa dinae Endangered
Arrojadoa eriocaulis Endangered
Arrojadoa marylaniae Critical
Artabotrys rupestris Endangered
Artemisia granatensis Endangered
Artemisia insipida Critical
Arthrocereus glaziovii Endangered
Arthroleptella ngongoniensis (Ngoni Moss Frog) Endangered
Arthroleptella rugosa Critical
Arthroleptella subvoce Endangered
Arthroleptis affinis (Frog) Critical
Arthroleptis crusculum (Guinea screeching frog) Endangered
Arthroleptis francei (Frog) Endangered
Arthroleptis krokosua (Krokosua Squeaking Frog) Endangered
Arthroleptis troglodytes (Cave squeaker) Critical
Artisornis moreaui (Long-billed Tailorbird) Endangered
Arubolana aruboides Critical
Arytropteris pondo (Pondo Flat-necked Shieldback) Critical
Asarcornis scutulata (White-winged Duck) Endangered
Asclepias kamerunensis Critical
Ascoglossum calopterum Critical
Asiagomphus yayeyamensis Endangered
Asimina tetramera (fourpetal pawpaw) Endangered
Aspalathus glabrescens Endangered
Aspalathus macrantha Endangered
Aspalathus psoraleoides Endangered
Aspalathus varians Endangered
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Endangered Status provided by IUCN 2012. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Version 2012.2 <www.iucnredlist.org> Downloaded on 11 April 2013.
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